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✨IMPORTANT✨ Please be sure to send me the pictures I need to complete this item in a timely manner or I will be forced to cancel the order! I cannot complete the item and guarantee the fit without the pictures. Examples are in the photos. Be sure to take pictures of the buckle in the spot your pet will be sitting, in front, back, middle etc…. they are often different! Thank you!

I make convertible seat belt leashes to keep your fur babies safe! The goal – keep your pup from running/jumping out of the car, falling out of the window, getting into things while you are in a store, etc. Prevent them from flying forward when you have to hit the breaks or swerve to avoid an accident.

These are not your average dog seat belts. They are also really awesome leashes! Unique convertible seat belt leash design. No more fiddling to find a separate leash, just click, un-click, expand and go.

Also unique to my design is the fact that I reclaim the seat belt buckles from cars sitting in junk yards. I guarantee we can work with you to find one that fits your car! I need a couple of pictures and measurements to ensure the perfect fit! Many people are selling “universal clip” dog seat belts, I promise you, they are very thin and will not always fit!

The pictures show seat belt leashes shortened, lengthened, and our 6’ option. Also shown are the currently available webbing options. You can see a sampling of the available clip options. I show an example of pictures and measurements I need to ensure the perfect fit! It is important to note that often times the front and the back seat belts are different, so make sure to send me the appropriate pictures 😊 My dogs are pictured demonstrating how the system works both inside and outside of the car.

I use high quality webbing and heavy duty hardware, this is much nicer than most products sold online. I have been told I should charge more for my products, but I am more focused on keeping as many fur babies safe and stylish as possible!

The colors listed are as pictured. The webbing in this listing is utility polyester and is very abrasion resistant and durable. Standard size is a 4′ leash that converts to a 2′ seat belt. Medium is a 5′ leash that converts to a 2.5′ seat belt. Large size is a 6′ leash that converts to a 3′ seat belt. I also just added a short option which is a 3′ leash that goes all the way down to a 1.5′ seat belt. On request I can make a tandem seat belt leash. Happy to make custom sizes on request.

While using the system as a leash, the seat belt clip works as the perfect spot to hook your poop bag and treat holder, keys, treat bag, etc.

Check out my YouTube to see how the system works! ⬇️

Critter Harmony YouTube Channel

It takes me about 5-7 days to make these seat belt leashes once I have the picture of the buckle from you. 😊

If you are looking to upgrade your seat belt to attach to the harness with a load rated locking carabiner add one by clicking here: Load Rater Locking Carabiner


I always recommend buckling up your pup in the back seat to be safe. Please, never hook the seat belt to a collar, only attach it to a proper harness! Never leave your dog unattended in a car for long. This product does not provide complete protection in case of an accident.

Looking for a more standard leash? Check this out 😊⬇️
Standard Adjustable Dog Leash

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Nylon webbing, swivel snap hook, UV Polyester Thread, YKK Hardware, Woven Label, Reclaimed Clip, Polyester Webbing


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