Our Story

In 2017 I was struggling to find my thing. I had been a veterinary technician for years which I loved, but I was missing something. Or maybe just getting older. I also was spending a lot of money on my dogs. I had to get them the cutest bandanas and harnesses and leashes, all of it. I needed several options for my spoiled pups. My partner Drew recommended I try making some of these things myself, especially since everything I used seemed to have faults. So I started with bandanas, and it took me a long time to figure out a style I like. I knew what I didn’t like, tie on, or over the collar bandanas. Finally my mom and I stumbled on the idea that we could use elastic in the neck band, essentially combining a scrunch style hair tie and a dog bandana. The Scrunch-Danna was born. I was also into wearing scarves, infinity style. I figured why not have my dogs wear scarves too! At my vet clinic, the scarves and bandannas began to take off. Eventually after a bunch of requests, I began my Etsy shop in late 2018. I experienced success with the bandanas, and started some in person events locally to meet my customers and see what else was needed. Local support here in Boise exploded. And people were definitely searching for more when it comes to dog accessories. I was happy to deliver. I began making our yo-yo bungee tugs. The toys I make are inspired by my experience with agility and my own dogs. Reward, training, building relationships with your dog and having fun, are all super important to me. Dogs give us so much love and support, they deserve the absolute best. Seat belt leashes came next. I had ordered some for my own pups to keep them safe. They were sold as universal and neither fit in my or my boyfriends car. We decided to go to the junk yard. We cut out the buckles that we needed and made some simple adjustable seat belts. I immediately felt better knowing my pups were safe in the car. I also liked the idea that we reclaimed some materials that were headed to the dump.

Group of dogs